This is MY hungry family 🙂 and the inspiration behind this blog.  When I make mountains of food – my response is very simple “I live with boys” and so it goes.  Some of our best family times are in the kitchen together – making fresh pasta or churning homemade ice cream or prepping and planning a holiday meal.  We don’t just eat together (as often as possible) – we plan and prepare together too! I’m proud of them – from my littlest Jack to my husband Scott – they aren’t just hungry for food; they are HUNGRY FOR GOOD FOOD! We hope you are too!

Let me introduce you to my hungry family (I hope I get to know your hungry family too):

My husband (my #1 supporter, biggest critic and best fan) – Scott; he makes amazing desserts, chops and dices like a pro so he’s a great partner when we are cooking for a crowd (which is often since we enjoy entertaining).

My step-son Kristopher (lower right blond guy) another one that’s great with a knife and loves to experiment in the kitchen with different flavors!

My step-son Nicholas (dark haired chap in the back) and my daughter-in law Sara – they are true food adventurers and always willing to help as well as try new foods, new restaurants and new techniques. 

And last but not least – my son Jack (the cute little dude on the bottom left) – Jack’s first food was a crab cake with basil aioli and we haven’t looked back since.  Don’t get me wrong – he likes chicken nuggets just like every other 9 year old but we’ve always offered him the same food we want to eat and today he’s a food adventurer too! Now he’s old enough that he’s helping out in the kitchen and is the inspiration for the HungryKids.  Here we are going to post videos and recipes that kids can make on their own or with a little assistance from a grown-up 




And here’s me – Natasha Gandhi-Rue! I love cooking but more than that – I love cooking for others and teaching people how to cook. For the last 12 years, I worked for Williams-Sonoma developing their stores’ culinary programs as the National Culinary Manager (yeah, I have some pretty awesome kitchen tools!). I’m a graduate of The French Culinary Institute (now known as The International Culinary Center) – an amazing culinary school in the heart of New York City where you’re lucky enough to be taught by some of the best chefs in the industry (nothing as awe-inspiring for this chick as watching Jacques Pepin make omelettes or Andre Soltner discuss the importance of ingredients).  I’m not going to bore you with more details – hopefully we’ll get to know each other over the recipes and stories on this blog.



The images appearing on The Hungry Family are photographed by me or someone in my family unless otherwise noted.  If you would like to use any of my images, please seek my permission first and please credit them accordingly. For any images not belonging to me that I’ve posted on this blog with their credit information – please contact the owner of that image and seek their permission.  Additionally, if there is a photo you would like to pin, please use the provided link and pin from the original source.  Let’s give the original artist credit and thanks!

The photographs on here of my family and I in our chef jackets were taken by Paula Moore – a very talented photographer.  We hired her to take a bunch of photos when we finished building my dream kitchen.  The photo above of my hungry family hangs in the kitchen to remind me of why I cook – feeding my family and friends is my way of expressing of love and gratitude. 


  1. Kristy Gatz

    I just ran across your blog and I am so excited to learn about your cooking classes! Looking forward to visiting your restaurant also!

    • Natasha

      Hi Kristy

      Thank you! I’ll be doing cooking classes at the restaurant before too long as well! Look forward to meeting you!


  2. Doug

    Natasha, This is a very well done blog and I would predict it will do very well for you. I think my wife would enjoy this as well as she loves to cook. Although not bad now I expect the photographs will get better and better. You might consider the Botanica class as it is all about close up photography.

    • Natasha~ www.thehungryfamily.com

      Thank you Doug! I do hope your wife visits the blog and enjoys it. Yes… I agree I think my photos are going to keep improving. I’m thinking about that Botanica class as well. 🙂

  3. Jack Rue

    This sounds really cool so I will definitely follow this website

  4. mml

    Thank you for creating this we need blogs like this that take us back to what’s really important about food!

    • Natasha~ www.thehungryfamily.com

      Thanks Monica 🙂 I hope to do exactly that – share recipes that we can make for family and friends… Please let me know what recipes/ideas/inspirations you are wanting and I’ll try to make it happen.


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