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Why You Should Plan Your Meals with a Free Meal Planner

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Do you plan your meals in advance?


Well, then, you really should.

Meal Planning not only helps you actually cook your meals but also saves you tons of money. When you’ve got a meal plan stuck on your fridge, you’re more likely to stick to it. It’s more likely to prevent you from eating out or drive through at fast food restaurants at the last minute.

So yes, plan your meals in advance and avoid eating out or spending all day trying to brainstorm what you should eat that night.

This is an example of my meal planner for the next week. Meal Planning can be quite fun! I go to some of my favorite food websites and blogs to get an idea of what I want to make the following week. I think one week meal planning works the best. I’ve tried doing two weeks at a time before. Although it worked well in the beginning but my appetites often change and I found that I never quite make all of the things on my menu.

So one week meal plan works well for me and my family.

After I fill out my meal planner sheet, I write down everything I need from the grocery store. A lot of times I have things I need in my pantry or in my fridge and the rest of the stuff, I pick them up at the store. Grocery shopping is much easier with a menu and a grocery list. And your grocery bills go down significantly lower.

When you shop without knowing what you’re going to eat, you tend to buy more things than you actually need. A lot of times, you end up buying things that you crave at the moment, a lot of junk food too, but when you know what you need, you will get out of the store with the things you know you need and are going to eat, and with a lower bill.

So yes, meal planning is beneficial to many of you including moms, singles, college students, etc.

Meal planning is also wonderful if you’re trying to go on a diet.

The meal plan sheet includes five categories–

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Snack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Dinner

I’ve learned that snacks are very important in your diet. They boost your metabolism and keep you satisfied for longer time. I usually eat Greek yogurt, fruits, veggies, hummus, etc. There are many things you could have for your snacks, though. Try healthier snacks and replace regular flour with whole wheat flour if possible.

Following the meal plans can sometimes be challenging. However, if you follow your menus and meal plans, you will definitely see how awesome and beneficial they can be! I’m a true believer of getting my weekly menu done. It saved our family big bucks when we didn’t have a lot of money right out the college.

Here is a SIMPLE MEAL PLANNER SHEET that I made myself. I like it simple – so it’s pretty simple. You can either print it out and fill in the blanks or type it on your computer and print. The choice is yours.

To get the sheet, click on the link below and it should automatically download. It’s made with Microsoft Word.

Simple Meal Planner Sheet

And here is an example of MY PERSONAL MEAL PLAN in case you’re wondering.

Simple Meal Planner {Example}

Hope this was helpful to you!

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