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⇒NO FUSSING – Don’t move your meat until it releases

Break Down Your Chicken!

I like to remove the skin from the dark pieces (legs & thighs) and keep it on the white meat (breast & wings) to help keep these pieces tender during cooking. White meat has less fat so it can dry out faster.  If I’m making a stew or soup – I always add the backbone into the pot – it provides a ton of flavor!

Don’t Over Crowd Your Pan

To brown chicken – never overcrowd your pan.  It drops the temperature of the pan too quickly and your chicken will steam instead of searing. Tasted rubbery chicken breasts? Yup that’s what happened!

If You’re Not Deglazing

You’re Missing Out!

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BBQ Ranch Chopped Salad

Turkey Croquettes

The Best Chicken Cutlet

Roasted Chicken & Fall Vegetables

Chicken Marsala & Lombardy

Chipotle’s At Home – You Bet!

Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Chicken

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