What’s In Your Kitchen?

When people find out you’ve been to culinary school and have been teaching cooking for a long time (let’s just say over a decade so I don’t feel so old!) – they want to know: what’s in your kitchen?  When friends visit – my kitchen is like other people’s bathroom vanities 🙂 … people want to look? But better than just idle curiosity, maybe if you understand what I have in my kitchen – it will help you stock your own kitchen strategically!

This is my pantry … it’s not always this organized and this photo was taken a few years ago.  The back wall now has more pot hooks, and a three-basket stand for produce  but other than that – this is it! Whether you are blessed with a pantry such as mine or if your pantry is in the cabinets – a few things are critical:

  • Place what you use close so you can get to it fast! OR Place what your family uses the closest so they don’t mess up the rest of your organization.  Scott and Jack rarely venture farther than the first set of shelves (thank God!).

  • Clear containers are GOLD! With tight lids, they keep things from spilling, going stale but they also make it easy to see what you need.

  • My shelves only allow me to store 3 cans deep, two large containers deep which makes it harder for me to lose things in the back.  If you have a cupboard style pantry – store in the middle what you are not using often instead of just duplicating and over buying.

Does Good Vanilla Matter? YES!!!

Click on the image and get a quick run-down on vanilla, differences and best ways to use them!

A Must Have in Your Kitchen!

Click on the image and learn about one of my favorite tools!

healthy snacks

Easy To See – Easy To Eat!

My strategy – healthy snacks are always easy to see and easy to grab! Cookies, chips are usually only in single snack packages for school and in a basket that you cannot see into! 🙂 So if you want something really naughty you have to look for it.  This works really well for Jack and his friends, I need to stop “working” to find the naughty ones! 🙂

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