Here’s my greatest inspiration.  My son – Jack!


Jack’s first food was a crab cake with basil aioli and we haven’t looked back since.  Don’t get me wrong – he likes chicken nuggets just like every other kid but we’ve always offered him the same food we want to eat.  When he started getting fussy – we started encouraging him.  We like to call it “being a food adventurer” and Jack is.  Now he’s old enough that he’s helping out in the kitchen a lot and is the inspiration for the HungryKids page on this site.

Here we are going to post videos (Jack’s anxious for me to start a YouTube Channel so keep your fingers crossed!) as well as other tips that will get your kids involved in making great food choices plus teaching them to cook with a little assistance from a grown-up.

Loving Lunch?

If you’re like me, I run out of ideas of what to put in Jack’s lunch box by the first month of school.  And my foodie kid loves variety and tasty lunches.  He will happily do leftovers and thank goodness eats a variety of different foods! As I pack up different things in the morning – I’ll keep snapping photos to share ideas with all of you on great lunches.

Leftovers! The Best Chicken Cutlet

cut into strips with trail mix and fruit!


Turkey Rolls, Fresh Mozzerella, Fruit & Chips

Leftover Spaghetti & Meat Sauce with Fruit & Cookies

Jack’s like his mom – we love cold pasta!

Turkey Again with Sharp Cheddar, Fruit & Cookies

Ham, Sharp Cheddar, Apple & Raspberries

Key to keeping apples fresh – press them against one another and then use press-and-seal to wrap them tightly!

Jack’s Top Fruit Tools

Having tools that kids can use in the kitchen makes a big difference in the level of their willingness to help.  Here are Jack’s favorite fruit tools plus the strawberry tools he uses.  Many of these tools he uses to help put together his lunchboxes or for helping with prep!

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